Young Veteran Threw Himself On A Grenade To Save His Comrade. 6 Years Later This Is Him..

Sacrifice and selflessness are the attributes of the brave and courageous. A lot of people around the world are doing brave things each day. Some survive adverse weather conditions while there are several who may have saved someone’s life even. Have you heard about a selfless story where someone would put his own life in jeopardy to save someone else’s? Here’s one such story that we would like to present before you. This young veteran threw himself on a grenade to save his friend. Read about his sacrifice and how’s he been holding up five years later.

The Hero – William Kyle Carpenter

Better known as Kyle Carpenter, this young man was only 19 years old when he enrolled in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program. Only two years later at the age of 21 in 2010, Kyle was deployed in Afghanistan at the rank of Lance Corporal.

Here’s How He Looked Death in the Eye

Kyle showed immense courage on November 21st while looking straight into the eyes of death. He protected the life of his comrade Lance Corporal, Nick Eufrazio by throwing himself in front of the live enemy grenade.

Both of Them Suffered Fatal Injuries

Both Eufrazio and Kyle suffered major injuries. The former suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the explosion, which left his skull in pieces and had to get it rebuilt. Due to the damage to his frontal lobe, doctors told him that he would never be able to speak again. Kyle had various injuries all over his body. The explosion left him with broken facial bones, damage to his right eye and arm. He had shrapnel wounds, collapsed right lung, a skull fracture that required him to undergo brain surgery, and he lost a major part of his lower jaw.

He Came Back from the Dead and Was Honored.

In one of the interview, Kyle said, “My body was torn apart by an enemy hand grenade … upon arriving at Camp Bastion, I was labeled P.E.A. — patient expired on arrival. I flat-lined at Walter Reed. The enemy killed me. I came back.”

Kyle spent two and a half years in the hospital and underwent 40 complicated surgeries before coming back. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal honor. This award is given to the armed forces personnel who get brutally wounded by the hands of the enemy during the war. Also, Kyle received the highest military honor in the United States of America on June 19th, 2014. He became the 8th living recipient of the Medal of Honor, which was given by President Obama at the White House. This special award is presented to those who show acts of gallantry beyond and above the call of duty.

5 Years Later, This is Him Today


This young veteran threw himself on a grenade to save his friend five years ago and is slowly getting on his journey to recovery. He has been running marathons in honor of the fellow veterans who lost lives at the war. Also, he is now a motivational speaker and an advocate for wounded servicewomen and men.