Wife Catches Husband And Girlfriend Boarding Plane For Romantic Trip And Here Is What Happened Next…(Video)

A couple planned a romantic holiday and was waiting for check-in at the airport when suddenly a woman appeared. On Wednesday, British Daily Mail reported a disturbance at the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Colombia. A wife met her husband and his lover at the airport and started shouting. The wife found out that her husband and her mistress was going through the boarding procedure. They were heading to the Caribbean Resort. She became very angry and started swearing and screaming. She insulted her husband and said, “On Saturday you were going to take me and our son out and today you are taking her.” She grabbed the lover’s hair and started pulling her out of the check-in line.

The husband tried to calm his angry wife and tried to save his lover from his wife’s hands.


but instead, the wife gets angrier, seeing her husband protecting her lover. The husband, wearing his wedding ring, tried to take it out, but the wife didn’t care. She was still latched to the lover and continues to say, “Get rid of her or I’ll cause a scan-dal here right now.

I am not going to let her go. Hit me if you want to, so they throw you in j a i l.”


The wife didn’t let them go until the end While the wife was holding the lover’s hair under his husband arm, the lover was hiding quietly behind the husband’s back with her hair still held by the wife. Passengers at the airport filmed the whole scene and posted the video on social media.

No one knows what happened in the end,


whether there were any a r r e s t s or the airport staff break up the fight, but the couple are believed to have been flying to Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.