Too Elderly Man Begs Attacker ‘please, I’m too old’ As Yob Throws Him To Floor In Sickening Attack

Police have launched an appeal for information after a terrified pensioner, in his 70s, was shown being violently thrown to the ground in a shocking video.In the clip, filmed on Brighton Road in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, the elderly man can be heard pleading as a younger man accosts him in the street.The attacker, who had followed the pensioner off the bus, then begins to shove him aggressively as he shouts: ‘Please! Please! Please! I’m too old!

The elderly man is repeatedly shoved by the attacker.

But ignoring his pleas, the thug reaches around the elderly man’s middle and throws him down onto the pavement.The person behind the camera can be heard gasping in reaction to the fall, while the attacker continues his furious tirade of abuse.

Police say the incident took place on October 15 between 3 and 4pm.

‘Don’t f**k around. So you can’t f**k around you d**khead,’ he can be heard shouting as the older man lies debilitated by his feet.Several voices can then be heard shouting ‘that’s out of order!’, causing the attacker to angrily respond: ‘Do you want some as well?’

The attacker grabs the pensioner round the waist as he begs: ‘Please! I’m too old

The elderly man was fortunately not seriously injured but suffered cuts to his nose and elbows as a result of the attack We are aware of a video that has been circulating online and we urge anyone who witnessed this nasty attack to come forward.‘He has suffered a number of cuts to his nose and both his elbows and this would no doubt have been a frightening experience for the gentleman who was just going about his daily business.

The attackers actions have been widely condemned on social media.

‘I would urge anyone who has not yet spoken to us to get in touch if they have any information that could help our investigation.’

‘That’s disgusting to watch.

People that do this to the elderly need to go to hell really,’ one person wrote online.