This Is How The Conjoined Mata Twin Girls Look After A Year Of The Miraculous Surgery!

Giving birth is an experience by itself. For some this carries a pleasant beginning and for a few others it can be the scariest experience. The Mata family went through a lot before they could heave a sigh of relief after Elysse gave birth to conjoined twin girl babies on April 11th 2014.

When the Mata Conjoined Twins were born

Elysse Mata gave birth to twin girls connected in the chest walls, lungs, pericardial sac (the lining of the heart), diaphragm, liver, intestines, colon and pelvis.

What the Doctors had advised her


Doctors had advised her to end the pregnancy but she was adamant that she would give birth regardless of any complications. The girls were born 9 weeks earlier but were healthy. Instead of looking at the problems Elysse chose to revel at the sight of her twin girls sleeping peacefully.

The Ordeal that followed for a whole year


The next year saw them stay at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Eric, Elysse and their 5 year old son moved into a rented accommodation that was closer to the twin babies.

How the Doctors Prepared for the Surgery


It is tough for conjoined twins to have a successful separation surgery. Dr Darrell Cass and his team prepared well for the surgery. For many months they operated on 3D models and mannequins as the surgery was quite a complicated one.

The Day When the Twin Girls were separated


After a 26 hour surgery the twin girls were finally separated at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on February 17th, 2015. A team consisting of twelve surgeons, six anaesthesiologists, and eight surgical nurses had operated on the ten month old conjoined twin girl babies.

The Family banked on a huge Support System


Elysee was thankful to their huge support system that kept them going despite the immense stress they were undergoing for long durations. The family thanked the hospital and the staff who had become more like their extended family by the time they left the hospital. Their circle of friends and all the people who prayed for the wellbeing of the twins and the family were very close to her heart.

And Finally the Day arrived when the Family was ready to go Home



Finally the day arrived when the family was ready to take the babies home and Elysse was looking forward to the routine chores of the home and looking after the babies as it had been a long ordeal for the family and they eager to settle to a normal routine.

Meet Knatalye Hope Mata


This little girl is doing well and can be seen everywhere, climbing, walking, trying to run. She is a loving child and full of life.

Meet Adeline Faith Mata


This twin underwent a tracheotomy and that has not stopped her from trying hard to walk. She is a fighter.

Another Baby for the Mata Family



The Mata family have been blessed with another baby girl, Mia, on September 2015. The family is now settled and are getting used to a normal life.