These Are Incredible Cases of Reincarnation Where People Provided Real Evidence of Their Past Lives

Many beliefs and religions strongly vote for reincarnation and they deny that life comes to a complete end. While scientifically oriented people find it ridiculous as it has never been proven that we have an afterlife, there are few examples all across the world where people have come up with detailed memories of their past with uncanny details which cannot be dismissed as hoax or lies. Some of them have gone to the extent of coming up with past life addresses, name of the relatives and even the manner of their demise, which defies logic and we are left with no choice but to believe in these 10 stories of reincarnations.

A Four Year Old Recalled Life as a Hollywood Agent

In 2009, a 4-year-old boy Ryan Hammons was haunted by recurring dreams in which he saw his former life as a Hollywood Agent. He confided to his mother Cyndi that he lived in Hollywood on a street with a name of “rock”. He was married with 3 kids of his own and had a friend with a strange name “Senator Five”. He even identified himself in old photographs along with his friend “George”! When Ryan’s mom actually verified the details from the UVA medical centre for research in reincarnation, guess what? Ryan was absolutely right, George Raft was a hit actor and the other man which Ryan recognized as himself was named Martin Martyn who had 3 sons and lived in North Roxbury drive. He was actually a movie agent which was confirmed by his surviving daughter. He expired in 1964.

When Ryan met the daughter, his memories stopped

The most interesting part is that when Ryan met the daughter, he lost all interest in memories of his past life saying the daughter’s energy had changed now and so he did not want to do anything about his Hollywood past. The logical reason behind this is that once Ryan saw his past, he instantly got closure and decided to move on.

A Chicago Fire Victim Was Reincarnated As A Five-Year-Old Boy

Erica Ruehlman initially found it ridiculous that her 5-year-old son Luke had a strange habit of calling all his toys and personal objects as “Pam”. In fact, he insisted that he was once a girl with long black hair and wore earrings that his mom (from his previous life) wore. When Erica directly asked Luke who this “Pam” creature was, she was stunned by his straight answer…it was his own name! He even narrated his heavenly journey after his death where he met God who pushed him back to Erica as her small baby and was thus called “Luke”.Shocked as well as curious about her son’s memory about his past life, his mother asked him more details. Luke said he was a Chicago girl who died in a horrible fire. His somewhat cryptic information was verified by his own mother when she researched about it. She discovered the truth about her boy’s recollections as there was actually a devastating fire in the Paxton Hotel, where 19 people were charred to while one lady Pam Robinson jumped out of the window.

Two Sisters Killed In a Car Accident Were Reincarnated As Twins

Twin sisters Joanna and Jacqueline Pollack met a gruesome death in a car accident on May 5. 1957 much to the devastation of their parents John and Florence Pollack. But the next year Florence conceived and was thrilled she was carrying twins. They were both identical girls named Gillian and Jennifer. What was strange was the birthmarks on Jennifer’s body was identical to the one Jacqueline had her on her waist.

The new twins displayed s startling behavior

Their parents left their house and communicated very little about their older deceased sisters but as fate would have it, these young twin sisters were born with memories of their elder sisters. They would always insist on playing with the toys their deceased sisters played with, and remembered the ways and landmarks to their old house and were greatly petrified of cars, so much so that they would have panic attacks in a busy traffic and shriek out loud that the oncoming car was coming to hit them!

Fortunately, by the age of five, these horrifying memories started disappearing from their minds and girls grew up to be healthy, normal adults.

Mahatma Gandhi Investigated a Girl’s Reincarnation Claims

This one is a quite famous and sensational reincarnation story which attracted Mahatma Gandhi to investigate it. Shanti Devi of New Delhi was born in 1926. At the age of 4, she started recounting the facts of her past life as a woman called Lugdi where she lived in another city called Mathura with her husband, whom she accurately named Pandit Kedarnath Choube and claimed she expired 10 days after the birth of her son. The authenticity of her claim was verified by the husband of her previous life who revealed he had a wife name “Lugdi.” When Chaube met Shanti, he was soon recognized and was even blasted by her for remarrying despite his promise that he wouldn’t.

She identified areas which she visited in her previous life

The eerie part was that she remembered her life as Lugdi clearly, such as where how she bathed in the well of the courtyard and what was Choube’s favorite food. Even Mahatma Gandhi set up an investigative committee of 15 people to verify her story which they could not dismiss after detailed investigations as well.

A Grandfather Was Reincarnated As His Own Grandson

This story of reincarnation was well documented by psychiatrist Jim Tucker of Virginia University. He met a boy named Sam who claimed to be the reincarnation of his own granddad. The strangest part of his story was that until 4 years of age, he had never seen his grandfather and when his parents opened old family albums he pointed to his granddad’s cars as his own.Although Sam’s Baptist mother did not believe in reincarnation, she coaxed Sam to reveal if he could remember anything else from his past life. He astounded everyone by saying that he had a sister who was turned in to a “fish” by some bad people. This was actually true as his grandfather’s sister was murdered and the body was disposed of in the river but due to its morbidity Sam’s parents had never told him that story.

A Midwestern Toddler Recalls Writing Gone With the Wind

From the age of 2, Lee always insisted he had another house and a different mommy and in fact, his birthday was June 26th rather than 21st as it was celebrated in their household. To add to the mystery he claimed his middle name was Coe and had a daughter named Jennifer. He even remembered his profession of writing for cinemas. When asked at what age he passed away, he immediately replied 48! This astounded everyone.

He claimed he wrote gone with the wind for the movies

Lee’s parents produced several movies as a choice for him to select or remember which he might have written in his past life and he wasted no time in recognizing “ Gone with the wind” to be his creation.

After this big cue, Lee’s parents investigated about the writer of the much-acclaimed movie and were shocked to find out the accuracy of their son’s memory. It was indeed written by Sydney Coe Howard who was born on the 26th of June and actually had a daughter named Jennifer. Since these facts were unknown to his parents as well there was no way he could have got the information from them making the possibility of reincarnation highly probable.

A Six Year Old Claimed To Be the Reincarnation of a Nearby Family Man

Nazih Al Danaf of Lebanon shocked everyone in his family when he declared he was this big man who owned several weapons and ammo. He also said he lived in a nearby village…he was just one and a half year old when he said all that!

A Child’s Birth Marks Match a Bicyclist’s severe Injuries

Purnima Eknayake of Sri Lanka was born with birthmarks all across her ribs and chest. When she was old enough to start talking she started remembering bits and pieces of her past life which she shared with her family. It was after a fateful school trip to a temple nearly 145 miles away from her home; she recognized the actual village where she inhabited in her past life. She also remembered that she was actually a male incense maker who perished in a road accident.

Her father investigated her story

In order to verify her story, her father along with her uncle visited that village called Kelaniya and made local inquiries about a deceased incense maker and found the name to be Jindasa, who was hit by a speeding bus and expired. Purnima was taken to Jindasa’s house where she recognized the widow and his daughter and also named the school Jindasa attended.

The family had never known each other


The mysterious part of the whole story is the fact that the Eknayake’s and Jindasa’a family didn’t even know about each other, so there was no possible way that Purnima could get such details, moreover, her birthmarks were actually the injuries Jindasa sustained after his accident according to the autopsy report.