Texas Mom Spanks Teen Son After He Took Off In Her Bmw!

Mothers are known for being the disciplinarian in most homes, and it has become a stereotype to associate discipline with African mothers. However, a Mexican mom recently proved that not only African women know how to discipline their kids. Teenagers sometimes do daring things that might get them in trouble, but they ignore the consequence and still go ahead with their actions.

According to news website, gathered that a 13-year-old boy identified as Aaron.

recently got into trouble with his mother for taking her brand new BMW to go and visit his girlfriend, after making sure to disable her Wi-Fi first.

His mother discovered what he was up to, and she drove after him.

stopped him on the freeway and proceeded to giving him several lashes of her belt.The interesting and funny post was shared by Aaron’s sister, identified on Twitter as @LilaaBites. See her tweets below:

So, it warmed social media users’ hearts

Meanwhile, reported that a young man bought his mother a car to thank her for giving birth to him. Parents do the most to look after their children, and sometimes a child is in the position to do something nice for them.

when a young entrepreneur shared photos of the gift he got his mom.

The young man, who goes by the Twitter handle @ambitious_bk, captioned the post: “25 years later I am able to thank her for giving birth to me… Dear Mama.”