Scary And Wonderful Costumes Of Halloween Festival That Winning The Internet Nowadays!

CHOOSING a Halloween costume for yourself can be a real nightmare, and the terror can be twice as bad if you’ve got to match someone else.But every year, the internet cackles at the coordinated costumes that quirky couples take to frightening lengths.Although some people think that Halloween costumes can get taken a little too far, for others there’s seemingly no limit on the amount of effort that they’re prepared to make to impress people online.

This Star Wars fan didn’t want to go to the party Solo

so he went as Princess Leia and his girlfriend dressed up as Jabba the Hutt.

Some would say that this is even creepier than the original twins from The Shining

Two Toy Story soldiers making other guests green with envy

This couple went Westeros mad with matching Khaleesia and Khal Drogo outfits.

These punks are anything but daft with their incredible light-up fancy dress.

This couple won the best costume contest at their party.

wonder if they’ll Lego of the title easily this year

Frodo and Gollum make an unlikely hit at this Halloween party.

Taking a bad selfie may be the most frightening thing in most people’s lives this Halloween.

Swipe fright


Taking a bad selfie may be the most frightening thing in most people’s lives this Halloween

Silent Hill 2

As if the Silent Hill video games weren’t terrifying enough, this pair somehow manage to make their characters even more chilling.

Hedge your bets

When your partner’s going as Edward Scissorhands, the answer for you is obvious: go as a shrub.

Absolutely buzzing

Woody and Buzz make perfect partners.

Fruity and the beast


Make sure you don’t get typecast this Halloween and subvert all expectations