Mom “Forgets” 3 Month Old Baby In Car. Returns Hours Later And Is H i t By Stench

On Friday, a stressed mother was going to work with her two children. It was a sunny day with close to 86 degree Fahrenheit. She had the plan, to drop both of her kids to daycare one by one. After dropping her daughter to Kids Care Academy day-care, she went straight to her work. She forgot about her second child, a 3-month old baby on the back seat of her car, who was sleeping peacefully there. The car was parked for several hours in the parking. When she came back at 4.30pm in the afternoon, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

She rushed to the medical center, but it was too late.

As soon as she opens the car door, she smelled something strange, and then she was shocked to see her infant baby lying there, unresponsive, at the back seat, for the whole day. She realized what a big mistake she had done.The baby was declared d e a d at the BapistFloys Hospital. The mother still couldn’t understand what has happened, while the dad says, “he will celebrate his life, this is how he will prevent this from happening ever again.”

He decided to post the story on social media to spread awareness.

The reports say, every year 37 children d-Ies from vehicle heatstroke on an average basis in the US. The child safety organization request parents to be extra careful with their new member in the family. said that so far this year


there have ‘been 28 confirmed child vehicular heatstroke deaths in the United States. This represents more hot car deaths than we have ever suffered by July 22 during any year in US history.’It said that every year on average 37 children die in hot cars in the US, and added: ‘ is urging parents and caregivers to be extra vigilant during any changes in the daily routine. This is when most tragedies occur.’