Maid Thinks She’s Cleaning House For ‘Important Person’s’ Party Then…

Cara Simmons, 36, is a single mother of three and has taken on multiple jobs to support her family. Little did she know — one job was going to completely change her life.Simmons is a loving mother who would do absolutely anything to support her children. Working hard as a housekeeper, she never once took a vacation or a day off. She felt the weight of the world on her shoulders and yet continued to persevere.

Sadly, Simmons worked herself so hard that she ended up being hospitalized


multiple times with stomach ulcers due to stress. Despite all of this, she never once stopped working when she could to take care of her three kids.
Simmons’ employer, Maid Bright, knew how much she had gone through and wanted to do something special. They decided to send her to the house of someone “very important.”
A woman named Madeline Blue greeted Simmons at the front door of the beautiful home and Simmons immediately got to work.

Simmons meets the private chef in the kitchen who is preparing the meal for the festivities.


After all the cleaning was done, Blue informed Simmons that she had quite a bit more for her to do around the house. As it turns out — there was going to be a big party that evening After a brief conversation about her favorite food (spaghetti), Simmons is led to the dining room where she takes a seat.
The housekeeper thinks she’s just going to be a “taste tester” for the evening’s meal but, as it turns out, she’s about to be served a gourmet lobster and truffle meal.

In a daze from the glorious and decadent meal


there’s a ring at the doorbell and Blue instructs Simmons to answer. Standing in front of her are men with massage and reflexology tables for the “party.” Of course, as it turns out, it’s all for Simmons.
Blue asks if Simmons would be willing to have the massage therapists warm up by giving her a four-hand massage.

Instead of cleaning, she was being treated like royalty.


The hard-working mom is starting to think that she’s in a dream at this point or if it’s her birthday.What Simmons didn’t know was that she was part of a project called “Prank It Forward” orchestrated by her employer, children, and sister.

Glo Nicholson, Simmons’ sister, wanted to give her a much-needed and well-deserved day off.


But the surprises weren’t going to end at the dinner and massage, and she still had no idea what was going on. Simmons’ day of surprises was just beginning, and it was about to get a whole lore more exciting.
Soon, the housekeeper is led to a closet full of clothing where she’s told she can have anything she wants. Simmons was stunned to see that everything happened to be in her size. As it turns out, her sister had picked out everything.