Katie Price Crashed Her £63k Range Rover ‘while On Her Mobile Phone’ – TWO Weeks Before Drink Drive Arrest!

TROUBLED Katie Price crashed her £63,000 Range Rover while reportedly on the phone just two weeks before her drink-drive arrest.The ex-glamour model was on the A3 in Surrey when she hit the back of a Mercedes that was sat in traffic, Mail Online reports.

Katie Price reportedly crashed into a driver just days before her drink-drive arrest

Driver Katie Pugh, 23, claims she looked in her rear view mirror and saw Price appeared to be on the phone just moments before the crash.The alleged crash came just days before the 40-year-old was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after a night partying with boyfriend Kris Boyson.She spent a night in the cells in Plumstead, South London, after crashing her pink Range Rover into a bush in the early hours of October 10.Ms Pugh told the website: “The driver was hunched over, clearly looking at their phone and not looking at the road.

Katie Pugh claims she was left with whiplash

“I remember thinking that person isn’t going to stop and then there was a bang and she had accelerated right into the back of me.”I was in shock and upset because I’d never been in a crash before.”The 23-year-old claims Price had got out to inspect the damage, saying: “Oh, don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

Katie said her car had £5k worth of damage

They exchanged details and Ms Pugh said her car was left with £5,000 worth of damages including a dent in her back bumper and scratches to the paintwork.The Mercedes marketing executive also claims she was diagnosed with whiplash after visiting Epsom Hospital.

Price’s damaged pink Range Rover after she was arrested

Price spent 13 hours in a police cell after her drink-drive arrest that saw her £75,000 pink Range Rover damaged and debris littered across the road.Witnesses claimed they saw a woman “gesticulating wildly” before the car ploughed into a bush.

She spent 13 hours in police custody after her “drink-drive” arrest after crashing into a hedge

Price, who has been receiving treatment at The Priory, is supposed to abstain from drinking alcohol while in treatment and had desperately tried to keep her boozing secret from her family.

She reportedly crashed into another car and a bush in Woolwich