Fake Butt Surgeon Who Fled Us To Uk ‘After Killing Patient Should Be Deported’!

Donna Francis, 38, fled to the UK after allegedly injecting liquid silicone into Kelly Mayhew, 34, at her basement in Queens, New York.A court heard how 12 syringes of silicone – a material often found on the black market – were injected into Ms Mayhew’s bum in May 201.Ms Mayhew’s mother was by her side during the procedure and noticed how her daughter stopped gripping her hand and began gurgling.Her bottom swelled and her face turned purple as the silicone in her body caused systemic emboli, fatally restricting the bloodflow to her vital organs.

Mayhew died in the basement of Francis’ home in May 2015

The emergency services were called to Francis’s basement and performed CPR but were too late to save her.Francis fled New York the next day and came to London where she remained undiscovered until December 2017, when she was arrested while working as a hospital driver.

Her mother was by her side when she expired

On Thursday, district judge Robin McPhee handed down a judgment at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, saying the severity of the offence meant the UK should honour the extradition treaty.

The case will now be sent to the Home Secretary for consideration.

The judge said: ‘The extradition is necessary to ensure the United Kingdom meets its treaty requirements and remains a proportionate response to the allegations raised.’

Kelly Mayhew turned purple and expired shortly after her the injections


US authorities have provided assurances that, if convicted, Francis will be jailed for no more than one year.They further promised that she would be cleared and transferred to a jail in Suffolk County, Long Island, within a day.