Daughter Accidentally Reveals Her Secret Nipple Piercings To Her Mum… Via An X-Ray!

OK, so since you clicked on this story, here’s what you need to know: Sydney Allen, 20, of Clearwater, Florida, quietly got her nipples pierced back in June as a birthday gift from her sister.They both decided to keep the piercing a secret, and to definitely keep their parents from knowing. Allen told BuzzFeed News her mom is “a bit conservative on appearances and hates tattoos and piercings.””Since I don’t usually have my shirt off I thought it would be a very easy secret to keep,” she said.That was until Allen went in for a routine checkup on Tuesday for the alignment on her spine. Since she has syringomyelia, a rare condition that can build up spinal fluid in the spinal cord, doctors took a procedural X-ray of her spine.

Allen did not know, however, that X-rays will make all metals visible in the image results.



(In fact, experts in the field advise patients to remove all piercings in case they cover or distort the radiographs. But that’s beside the point.)

Unfortunately for Allen, her doctor pulled up her X-ray results, showing two barbell ring piercings.


Her mom was in the room.”My mom saw my piercings as soon as the X-ray popped up and the doctor and I started laughing hysterically,” said Allen.

She was visibly upset,” Allen added.



She said her mom grew silent staring at the extremely clear metal rods projected on the computer screen, and then said, “We will discuss this later.””