Dad Satisfied His Telly Is Possessed After Hidden Digital Camera Catches It Activate And Broadcasting Bizarre Messages In The Midst Of The Evening!

Eerie footage captures the scene that unfolded after he checked his home surveillance equipment.At the beginning of the clip, all seems normal in the family’s living room – until the television appears to switch itself on.It then flicks through several channels before the video cuts out.The footage, titled “My TV turned on by itself” was uploaded to Reddit.Recalling the spooky encounter the dad said: “This happened about five minutes after I locked the door and went to bed.

‘My wife, who is pregnant, was already in our room asleep.

“There was no one else in the house – especially behind the curtains – and the remote has a full battery.”

At first, everything seems normal in the living room

…Until the telly appears to turn itself on.

It then appears to flick through the channels


The moment was captured by a hidden camera in the middle of the night – and now the family think the telly is possessed