Creepiest Stories Behind The Gory Events That Took Place In History!

Terrifying inhuman stories have always done the rounds ever since life evolved on earth. But some stories creep you out of your mind to the extent where imagination falls flat. Crime stories have been on the rise. We bring you some creepiest stories that have decorated the walls of horror in history.

The Chichijima Incident of Cannibalism

During the world war 2, an American plane had crashed with nine servicemen on board, near the Japanese Island of Chichijama. While one lucky man was rescued by an American submarine, the other eight had met with a terrible fate. As time went by, it was revealed that those eight servicemen had been eaten by the Japanese! The most interesting part of the cannibalization was the person that was rescued was none other than George H W Bush! Wonder what would have happened to America’s history otherwise?

Child of Rage – HBO Documentary

A child of six shocked people when she went on the show called Child of Rage and admitted to molesting her brother, killing birds and trying to stab her adoptive parents in their sleep. Beth Thomas had been diagnosed by RAD(Reactive Attachment Disorder) due to her violent past. It was revealed that she had been sexually molested by her biological dad till she was nineteen months old. However, she is now a therapist and helps children with similar problems.

The Amy Bradley suspicious Disappearance

Amy Bradley was a basket ball player and had been awarded a full basket ball scholarship. She had graduated from Longwood University with a degree in physical education. She had just moved into her new apartment and had also adopted a dog. She had made many plans, including joining a second job at her relatives office before disappearing from a cruise trip that was on its way to Curacao in 1998. It is said that she was later sold into human slavery.

The Strange Story of Karin Catherine Waldegrave

In the year 2011, there was a well educated Canadian lady that went by the name of Karin Catherine Waldesgrave who posted about 4000 times a week on her facebook profile. Most of these updates were vague and seemed to reflect her current mood rather than any specific happenings. What was even more interesting was that she indulged in conversing with herself in the comments section under her posts. There were about five hundred to seven hundred cryptic replies within a twelve hour period from her to herself. Shortly after this barrage of messages her facebook account went missing, leaving behind many unanswered questions.

The Story of H H Holmes


The story of America’s first serial killer is terrifying and will leave you in cold sweat. He is said to have built a hotel(castle for murdering people) and is supposed to have killed as many as 200 people. The first floor of the castle had his office and over 100 rooms. They contained gaslines so that Holmes could asphyxiate his guests whenever he felt like it. There were peepholes, trap doors and stairways that led to nowhere throughout the building. The building also had chutes to send bodies down to the lower level rooms to mutilate them beyond recogntion and sell the skeleton models to medical schools. His ways were gory and spine chilling.