Austrian Police Sparks Controversy After Forcing Muslim Women To Remove Their Burqa!

Austria just recently implemented a nationwide ban on full-face veils. The said move has since received a lot of reaction, not only among local residents but also from netizens everywhere.In particular, the viral photos of a Muslim woman being forced by police officers to remove her veil have become a center of discussion for many, regarding the topic. According to reports, items that conceal the face in public places, “such as the full Islamic veil, medical masks and scarves to cover faces have been outlawed” in Austria, wrote the DailyMail.

1This Muslim woman was forced by cops to uncover in public, following the said ban.

Moreover, we are told by the news site that the laws are intended to ensure “the cohesion of society in an open society”. It likewise requires people to pay a fine amounting to €150 if they are caught violating the rules.